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Andriy Kopchak

About Me

I’m Andriy Kopchak, a lifelong artist on a journey of self-expression through art. Fusion of graphics and oil painting has become my signature style, allowing me to convey my thoughts, beliefs, and life values.

As an artist, I believe in observing and commenting on the world around me, using symbols, emotions, and thoughts as my tools. My art is a reflection of my world outlook, and I often explore complex ideas through series of paintings. My goal is to reach art lovers who appreciate introspection and are open to new perspectives.

Art is not just my occupation; it’s my passion and inner need. Join me on this artistic journey as we explore the profound and expressive world of Symbols, Emotions, and Thoughts.

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What Customers Say

I became acquainted with Andriy Kopchak in 2018. I was very taken with the philosophy of his works, their multidimensionality. We successfully held Andriy’s exhibition at the IMV. Andriy Kopchak is not only a talented and professional second-generation artist, but he is also a person with a profound philosophy of existence, who has managed to convey an extraordinary vision of the world in his art. His paintings breathe life. Through color and emotion, they are capable of unlocking the hidden doors of our soul.

From his earliest exhibitions, Andriy Kopchak captivated audiences with his distinctive philosophical streak in visual art. His generation—the millennials—is primarily about combining the uncombinable. And Andriy enchantingly merges traditional art with an abstraction unique to him, developing reality through the search for a symbolic, imaginary world.

Andriy Kopchak is a contemporary Ukrainian artist, graphic designer, illustrator, and a multifaceted personality. His oeuvre is thematically diverse, encompassing still lifes and landscapes, as well as figurative and non-figurative compositions. The author is always in search of “his own beauty,” “his own language”…

Andriy’s works are profound and prompt reflection on human nature, virtues, vices, internal conflict, and the quest for self. His creations are very much alive, as if animated by the brush of maestro Andriy Kopchak.